Hello Dollies Hats
               BRIDAL WEAR
Romantic and Classic Designs
quote #B131
Tally Ho! Small top hat in fabric, sheer edge - long back bow and veil
quote #B132
Tulle brim & edged in tulle - draped crown, hand made roses
pearls & face veil
quote #B133
Demure lace Tiara. Beaded wire frame. Layered lace - clips 
quote #B134
Pure white crinoline rose swirl - pearl centre satin frame & veil
worn straight forward or tilted slightly
 quote #B135
Pure white crinoline tiny tophat on headband - crossed back veil and satin bow worn straight forward or tilted slightly
quote #B136
Cream lace - beaded piece
flyaway feathers & curls
with bow veil
Note: shadows change colours
Quotes provided after 1st discussion on creative designs. 
Note: large veils are optional and an extra cost of $100.00 upwards
(depending on length)
B 134/135/136 rentable
Call Jill direct on 06 368-6617or email at: hats4you